Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Don't Know Jack!

There is a  long standing friend of mine...Jack Mettier. We taught together in the art department for decades. We've been through a lot. I don't think Jack would mind my describing him as an often blustering curmudgeon, frustrated by negative influences and quick to realize and be influenced by poor administrative decisions and educational forces that tend to undermine positive, creative efforts of teachers and students alike. He could storm around a campus with all others scampering to get out of his way as he carried his frustrations and angst on his sleeve as well as his lined, scowling face. But you needed to know Jack. He was so creative and inspired creativity in students that stayed with him in his art classes for years. He was a great soccer coach. Jack is parenting his adopted grandchildren at an age most men are happy to hug theirs and then send them on their way with a grandfatherly wave. Jack, who has unsuccessfully and unendingly tilted at educational windmills for an entire career, now culls through endless web humour and inspiration to send me daily the best of his searches, some of which I appreciate completely. He sent me this yesterday...a remembered list of his highlighted fond memories of our friendship. I live on the other side of the world, often feel too remote and disconnected from many that I love, and I, like most of us do (and Jack himself did professionally)...feel marginalized or weighted down by our immediate challenges or failures. This simple list sent to me by a friend, to remind me of our love for each other, has lifted my spirits all week. Take time to write a good friend, a loved one, and remind them why they've been important in your life. It's the best gift giving you'll do this week.

John....a reminder
 Group hugs on the 15th after my 12th stroke,

LVC (Law of the Vacant Chair)and Lunch splatter on Timmy’s shirt at the round table,
Camaraderie and laughs at break time,
Single malt treats,
Sneak out lunches with Rich at Lolo’s on Thursdays,
Margie’s worry about us ending up lost in Ireland if we got on the Whiskey Trail,
Agreeing to disagree and then working together for the better good,
Hugs and kisses instead of handshakes,
Importance of humor that is kept and shared,
“Players” never - “Competitors” always!,
“I love babies – let’s go meet your new granddaughter”…..12 years ago,
Sunshine, rainbows, rain and snow, light years of oceans away,
Important memories to keep so that friends are never lost.

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  1. Just wonderful! Thank you for the friendly reminder to be thankful and remember our friends.