Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Moon Grows Larger

Tonight scientists tell us that the Moon is actually closer to the Earth than it has been in over twenty years. To the eye, the full Moon actually appears 14% larger. So it must produce greater sense of love and awed wonder to some, and bring about a greater level of madness in others. It is so very darkly beautiful.

                                     CLOSER TO THE MOON
         He has his books, his music, his pens.
         He stays very active, he has many friends.
         They all say for a man his age, he's looking rather well,
         He'll find someone soon...
         But with every passing hour he comes closer to the Moon.

         Twelve months, eight days, eleven hours since she stopped being his wife.
         He released her from his arms as she exited his life.
         How did he end up here? What comes next? What comes now?
         But no one answers as the firelight skitters across the room.
         Each moment she is farther away he grows closer to the Moon.

         Two months, sixteen days, eight hours since she walked out of his heart.
         The fashion consciousness of friends would now keep the two apart.
         Why could that happen? How does the Earth suddenly shift direction?
         He still gets out and around, but suffers from a lack of sharing it all with her.
         And no one is there to hear him howling at the Moon.

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  1. Sometimes the moon brings a greater sense of both. Love and madness are twin sisters - both daughters of the moon.