Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am writing music, and some of it pleases me. I also have a new program for recording my music and when I learn how to post it on this blog, I will be including several pieces. I look forward to that. I just copied this most recent song onto this post from the inside of a novel I was reading yesterday at the beach with Jack (I actually did most of the reading)...the book with the lyrics now on the inside cover is a great story by Robert Crais, CHASING DARKNESS...having nothing to do with these song lyrics. A line came to me while I was reading, I grabbed a pen and wrote all of this down as is. When I got home, the melody for the song came as quickly, and I actually like the music better than the lyrics. I love to write, but it always surprises me when something jumps onto the page this quickly. I love when that happens in a scrip I write. I almost have to get out of the way as my characters dialogue back and forth far quicker than I can type. Fortunately, many of the characters in my head speak slowly and are willing to repeat themselves for the sake of the page. I hope you'll revisit the blog when I record this in performance.

All The Stars Are Out Tonight

All the stars are out tonight
And I've found one to wish on once again.
Have I used them all before?
Will I keep up my search until the end?

Between the darkness and the light
There are answers to the questions of the heart.
And if I find you there in time
I'll hold you close and never let us part.

Are you out there my love?
Standing 'neath this universe of stars
Searching for me,
Wishing that I'll find you in the dark?

Other lovers came before.
They have brought you to my door.
We'll leave the past behind
For us there will be more.

Are you awake and can you hear?
I can feel you beside me in the dark.

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