Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Can't Do That

There is an unending list of seemingly good reasons for you to not do something. In most cases, you will listen to just enough of those reasons, and then agree to not do it. Often, if you still want to do it, you will either allot yourself so many tries to complete the goal, or allow yourself so much time to do it. Sadly, these options usually don't lead to success.

Here are two examples that I know intimately, being a Drama teacher. "I want to be an actor, but my Dad is against it, only two percent of all SAG and AFTRA actors survive solely on their acting income, look at all the out of work actors, you've got to know someone who knows someone to get into the business.....that's enough, I'm going to college and become a CPA." OR "I am going to Los Angeles to become a star. If I don't make it in six months, I'm going to follow my uncle into the gravestone chiseling business." This same process can be used to deter you from any goal you ever set for yourself. So, who ever does achieve difficult goals?

The easy answer is folks who aren't afraid to fail, and the history books are filled with these courageous people. Read about them. But the modern translation of their character make-up seems to boil down to a. Passion, and b.The Last Man Standing. Whatever you do with passion allows you to enjoy the process on the way to the goal, and keeps you from finding an 'out' that finally makes sense to you. And being the last man (or woman) standing will, almost always, insure your best chances for success in any area of your passion. That's it. Passion and Last Man Standing will allow you to tackle the seemingly insurmountable. And remember, because you are Passionate about what you do, you enjoy the process getting there. Take a look at these guys...

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